Attitudes to Sex

Changing Attitudes To Sex And Escorts

There is nothing new, of course about sex, and nothing new about escorts either. What may surprise you is how our attitudes have changed over the years to both sex and escorts. You might be forgiven for thinking that we've become more tolerant as the years have gone by but you'd be wrong. To tell the truth we are less tolerant and more shy about talking about sex and about the use of escorts than we used to be. Although in private it seems we're as adventurous as ever.

In any culture, sex has formed an integral part. You'll find much ancient erotic art and you are probably familiar with the idea of virgin sacrifice. Let's come forward somewhat to the last century though. At the turn of the last century in 1900 or so, there were prostitutes and escorts although by another name. Often called courtesans, they were the playthings of the rich and famous. Prostitutes were for everyone.

The Victorian age was one that was very moral on the outside and dictated to the population how they should live their lives. In private the rich did whatever they wanted including indulging in prolific erotic art, having 'mistresses' , and having just as many sexual preferences as we do today. They just didn't talk about it, unlike their forebears. It used to be common knowledge that the King would have a mistress. And what was she after all but an escort. Someone who he looked after and paid for.

We may think that our pornography internet sites are bold, distasteful or fun. We would probably be unlikely to talk about our private use of pornography to spice up our sex lives, even though millions of people visit them on a regular basis throughout the world.

In the same way we are not likely to generally admit to the use of escorts, even though thousands of men visit escorts on a regular basis. If you look at the trends in the escort industry, it's clear to see that certain things have an impact on business. The most significant being school holidays. Make of that what you will!

Whilst some would argue that escorts can destroy a relationship, many men will tell you the opposite. The can get the sexual satisfaction they desire and that they can't indulge at home for some reason. This can mean they stay in a relationship, which otherwise may falter. The wives and girlfriends don't see it that way if they find out. They see it as betrayal and wonder why their partner needs to go elsewhere, with the feeling 'aren't I good enough'. Many women would not want to engage in the sorts of sexual activity an escort may provide. It's not common for women to use escorts, although this is a growing trend. Should it catch on and become as popular as men using escorts, one wonders what will happen when the tables are turned.

Women however do admit to the use of vibrators and sex toys for their personal pleasure. In a recent survey over 50% of the women interviewed said they had used a vibrator on a regular basis. The figure may well be higher, given our attitude that we shouldn't talk about sex. Is this really so very different to a man using an escort?

Go back 100 years and more and our attitude to vibrators was very different. In fact the vibrator was one of the first electrical items made, before the vacuum cleaner and electric iron! Prior to this doctors or midwives would treat women with 'hysteria' by masturbating them by hand or with some other unsuitable device. It was a common medical practice. Until the 1930s vibrators were openly advertised in newspapers and magazines. Somewhere along the way we decided that they, along with other pornography should be removed from the public gaze.

So it seems that although we feel we live in a liberated society, we have in some ways moved backwards where sex and escorts are concerned. At least publically. In private we are still using escorts as much as ever and still enjoying sex as much as ever too.